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From the Desk of Fr. Tim …

On April 14, 2016, the federal government introduced legislation that, if passed, will amend the criminal code to make euthanasia/assisted suicide legal in Canada. In response, Cardinal Thomas Collins issued the following statement on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Legislation:

At a time when our priority should be fostering a culture of love, and enhancing resources for those suffering and facing death, assisted suicide leads us down a dark path. At first sight it may seem an attractive option, a quick and merciful escape from the suffering that can be experienced in life, but fuller reflection reveals its grim implications, not only for the individual but for our society, and especially for those who are most vulnerable. Such fuller reflection is sorely needed now. Just days ago, Pope Francis stated, “Care and concern for the final stages of life is all the more necessary today, when contemporary society attempts to remove every trace of death and dying…Euthanasia and assisted suicide are serious threats to families worldwide.”

In the coming days I, along with others who share deep concerns about assisted suicide, will study the proposed legislation carefully and continue to advocate for the most vulnerable among us. I thank the thousands of Canadians, of many faiths or no faith at all, who have reached out to elected representatives, respectfully expressing their concerns regarding the unsettling recommendations included in the parliamentary joint committee report.

I would encourage all those who are troubled by the prospect of assisted suicide to continue to dialogue with their members of parliament, both at the federal and provincial level to:

Prioritize effective palliative care for all, and support for those experiencing chronic suffering of any kind. We must especially offer love and compassionate assistance to those who are tempted to suicide.

Protect health care workers across Canada who oppose participating in euthanasia/assisted suicide, either by doing it personally or by arranging for it to be done (that is, referring for these procedures.) Their conscience rights are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and those rights must be respected in practice. In protecting them, we protect those they serve.

Protect health care institutions, hospices and long-term care facilities whose mission, vision, and values commit them each day to heal, not to hasten death. In a cold world of euthanasia, havens of hope are all the more needed.

A discussion about death is never an easy one. Yet now, more than ever, Canadians across the country need to be fully informed and mindful of the implications of this legislation.

In a familiar Catholic prayer we meditate on the two key moments of life: now, and the hour of our death. In these days ahead, may that reflection guide us as in a spirit of love, mercy and compassion, we journey with all those who are suffering.

Those who are concerned about this legislation are encouraged to visit and join the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience. The coalition represents more than 110 healthcare facilities (with almost 18,000 care beds and 60,000 staff) and more than 5,000 physicians across Canada. You can use this website to write directly to key elected representatives at the federal and provincial levels, respectfully expressing your concerns. For more resources, please visit:

First Communion Congratulations!

Congratulations to those who are making their First Communion with their families at special Sunday 2 p.m. masses today (All Saints School and RCIC parish group) and May 1st (St. Clare and St. Mark Schools). It is indeed a very special moment in their lives, and we thank the parents, guardians and teachers from our teachers from our three parish schools (as well as Sylvia DiVito and Blanche Tait who taught the RCIC Preparation Programme) for their assistance.

Roofing Project Update…

After losing 9 days due to poor weather earlier this month we have made good progress this past week, and now hope to have the replacement of all of our 5 flat roofs completed by late May. We thank you for your patience during this construction period, and for your ongoing financial support which makes this capital project possible.

ShareLife: Working wonders for our new arrivals in Canada…

“As an Iraqi Christian, the Office for Refugees (ORAT) has provided me with the opportunity to meet other people who have experienced the same thing that I have. We are able to help support each other in this new journey to Canada and without ORAT, I do not know where I would be today. It is possible I would still be in Jordan, afraid for my life, unable to practice my religion, and under threat of deportation. The work that ORAT did truly gave me hope and a chance at life free from persecution and fear. ORAT has also invited me to volunteer with them, and I am even able to sponsor a new person or family to come to Canada with their help.” —Sara, a Christian refugee from Iraq. Since 2009, ShareLife-supported ORAT has sponsored over 2,500 families to be resettled in the GTA.

Thank you for your contributions to this year’s campaign- we have collected $109,000 and are now half way towards our parish goal of $219,000! This includes the $1910 raised last weekend at our Youth Ministry Bake Sale. Thank you for your support!

This year’s overall campaign goal of $12.95 million is needed to support our 42 Catholic agencies and grant recipients. Last year these ShareLife agencies provided service to over 114,000 people in more than 20 languages, treating them with compassion, care and respect.

Next ShareLife Sunday is May 29, 2016 Please give generously. Together we can work wonders!

Knights of Columbus Spring Flower Sale…

Help support Knights of Columbus activities in your community (and get something nice for your yard too). Order your Spring PLANT BASKETS (10” $20 & 12” $25) after Masses this weekend and next weekend, April 30/May 1 from the Knights in the hall vestibule. Need more info? Call Wayne Ferrell, (905) 607-5981.

Knights of Columbus Spring Dinner ♪Dance♪…

Join us for the Knights’ first Spring Dinner Dance, Our Lady of Peace Council on Saturday, April 30, 2106 in the parish hall at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $70 per couple, $40 per single, $260 for a table of 8. A catered dinner will be served. Cash bar. Proceeds will be used to support the parish 2016 ShareLife Campaign. Tickets are available from members of the Knights of Columbus in the parish office. Ticket deadline is Monday, April 25.

Thank You Pat & Roger, Pat De Cordova…

Please join us after in the parish hall following the 5:00 p.m. mass this Saturday to thank Pat, Roger and Pat for their many years of music ministry at our Saturday 5:00 p.m. mass. Pat and Roger are retiring and moving to London, ON at the end of April. We will miss them!



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